Friday, September 26, 2008

Pictures of floors

Here are the photos of the laminate flooring. They did a great job and also managed to not dent the walls which is great. Anyway I had better get back to packing. Not sure if I will get to post pictures of the carpet as that is not done till Tuesday and there is no phone line out there till November.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Our roller coaster ride is coming to an end. We had final inspection yesterday and picked up the keys and garage door remotes and we even got a nice gift of a travel bag from Porter Davis. We move in tomorrow which is so exciting.

The flooring guy is out there installing our laminate floor and the fencer digging holes for the posts. It will be a couple of weeks before we get the blinds installed so we will have to make do with sheets. Our appliances will go in on Monday.

They have a few minor things left to fix just a bit of cosmetic stuff and that should be done next week.

Here are a few pictures and I will try and get back on here tonight with a photo of the floor.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Practical Completion

YAYYYYYYY. We have completion well almost. They have to go back and do a few paint touch ups and they hadn't quite finished painting under the alfresco and some wood above the back door and bathroom window but we have our certificate of occupancy and we have handover next Thursday which is really exciting.

We are really pleased with our colour choices and the build which only took about 18 weeks.

We have our fencing booked in to start next Friday after the quote went missing and they quoted us $8700 all up which includes a side gate and hopefully all the neighbours cough up their half share so it will cost us less but the fencing company is doing the chasing on that. We first got quoted $3000 less but they forgot to put in we need double sided paling which is an estate requirement and costs a heck of a lot more.

Our laminate floor goes in next Friday 26th and the carpet the Tuesday after that. Our oven and dishwasher goes in on the Monday 29th as well as our water tank, hot water cylinder and they will connect up the gas on that day so as we are moving in next weekend we will be having cold showers till the Monday or go back to the flat as its still our for a week after that which is the better idea of course.

We have our quote for blinds for the house, 11 all up plus the shutter for the void in the rumpus. $2375.00 all fitted as well which was better than we thought.

We will get quotes next week for the driveway, portico and alfresco. We want exposed aggregate for the drive and either crazy paving or tiles for the alfresco and portico depending on cost. I love crazy paving but it is expensive so we will see.

Sorry forgot the camera yesterday so no inside photos but took a few front photos the other day so will take some on handover next Thursday and after the laminate floor is done on Friday as well.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

One week to go.

We are nearly there. Practical completion date and inspection is next Thursday the 18th.

We have a garage door now which is better than we thought yay. They still have some painting to go outside on the render, trim and alfresco areas and a couple of patch ups inside on the ceiling where the guy who put the lights in left a gap next to light fitting, I guess he didn't measure accurately in the first place as to the position, and the tiler is about 99% finished. They also have to finish painting the ensuite bathroom which is in the photo I will put up and we need the glass shower screens put in and the mirrors too. These are last to be done.

Our dishwasher and oven will be put in on day of handover because of theft issues.

They have taken down our temporary fencing and cleaned the site. We have had a fencer come out and to give us a quote and we are waiting on that. We just have to try and contact our neighbours for their half of each side, yeah hopefully that works out.

We have chosen our flooring from Western Distributors. We are having Balterio Tradition laminate flooring, v groove in Legacy Oak and the carpet is wool and is called Sisal Place which is a mid brown colour. Laminate is to be done on the 26th and the carpet on the 30th.

Just a few photos to show you and we will take some more next Thursday at the inspection.

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Just some pictures of the interior paint we took earlier in the week. Paint is called chalk beige which we have used for all of the walls. We went back yesterday for a peek through the windows and all our tiles have been laid. They just have to come back next week to do the grout. Some of our interior door handles have been put on as well.

We got a letter from Porter Davis that says our house will be at practical completion on the 18th September and we are to have a inspection on this day and about a week later we will have the keys. Awesome. They have done a great job and we cant believe we will be moving in soon.

Now we have to organize carpets, fencing and more furniture to fill the place.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Interior paint and electricals done

The interior paint was finished last week but we can not get in to take photos and the glass is so dirty from the dust there is no point taking them through the window so hopefully we will be able to get in soon to get photos. The colour for the walls is called chalk beige. They have also painted all the guttering and downpipes in the colour glacier grey.

We have all our lights, switches, smoke alarms and heat ducting covers put in.

Our quantum quartz bench top is also in. We can see the tiles have been delivered and we are told they will start laying those at the end of the week and then the guys will put in the toilets, showers and fit the bath as well.

I was told by our site supervisor today the house may be ready in a about month but he will know more once the tiling is done. YAYYYYYYYY. We cant wait.

They still have to paint the render and moulding on the facade but was told that is done last. We chose the colour Bringo for the render and Glacier Grey for the moulding.

They also have to paint the metal part above the garage, over the gable infill, in glacier grey to match the gutters.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fixing Stage

The photos show they have done all skirting boards and window architraves now and all the doors are hung. Our front door is on too.

We went out today and they have taken the internal doors down and are preparing to paint. Our wooden doors have started to be stained as well.

The void in the wall you see at the back of the first photo looking into the rumpus/theatre room will have a plantation shutter put in it as a feature.